How to Add Multiple Domains and install many WordPress Websites On One Hosting Account on Namecheap

many WordPress Websites to One Hosting

In this post, I will show you how to add multiple domains and install many WordPress websites on one hosting account.

If like me, you want to test multiple websites ideas, and you want to do it early in a single hosting account. So that you can confirm the ideas that will succeed or not. And that without costing you too much. Then, you are in the right place.

In this post I show you how to install many WordPress websites on one shared hosting account.

The Hosting Provider Offer We Will Use

The hosting provider we’re going to be using in this video is namecheap.

This provider has offers, with an interesting price and good quality for domain names as well as for hosting.

To access the shared hosting offers, click on the Hosting > Shared hosting menu.

You have then three offers: With the stellar offer, you can host up to 3 websites with different domain names. While with the stellar plus offer that I use myself you can host as many websites as you want.

If you like to see this in action, you can check this video here:

Step1: Modify The DNS Of Your Domain Name

Now, let’s see how to add a new website to a shared hosting.

First of all, log into your namecheap account and click on the “domain list” menu.

Find the domain name you want to add to your shared hosting and click on the “manage” button. The domain name I will add in this post is

Then scroll down to the ‘section nameservers’, and in the dropdown choose the option ‘Namecheap Webhosting DNS’. Then click the checkmark.

A message tells you that it will take up to 48 hours, but generally it takes a few minutes for me.

Step2: Add Your Domain Name As “Addon Domain” In Cpanel

Now that the DNS of our domain has been set. The next step is to add it as an ” addon domain ” to our main domain.

For that, we will connect to the Cpanel associated with the main domain. Then, scroll down to the Domains section and click on ‘Addon Domains’.

In the “new domain name” field enter the name of the “addon domain”. The “subdomain” and “document root” fields will be filled in automatically after you enter the domain name.

If you need an FTP account check this option and fill in the access data. Otherwise, simply click on the add domain button.

The domain name is then added and if you now go to the file manager you will notice that a relative folder, to the added domain name, has been created.

Step3: Install WordPress For Your New Domain

Now that we have added the domain name as “addon domain” I will show you how to install wordpress.

So to do that, go back to Cpanel and click on the tool “Softaculous Installer”. Then click on the install script of WordPress.

Choose the latest WordPress version available, as well as the “HTTPS” protocol. And choose the domain name that we just defined as “addon domain”.

Leave the installation folder empty to install wordpress at the root.

Then, you can enter your website name and a description. Or, you can modify them later in the administration console of WordPress.

In the next section define the login and password of the WordPress administrator as well as the email address which can be a Gmail or any other provider.

Then choose the language of your website.

For the choices of plugins and theme, just leave the default choices since you can modify them later.

You have also the possibility to enter an email address to receive the installation details.

Finally click on the “Instal” button.

Well, congratulation, WordPress is now installed

Now, you have the possibility to access the admin side of your website, in order, to choose your theme and refine the settings

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