How To Use TubeBuddy To Get More Views On YouTube

use tubebuddy more views youtube

In this post, I will describe how to use TubeBuddy to get more views on YouTube.

Getting views from Youtube search is very important for the growth of your YouTube channels. Especially during the start-up phase when no one knows you already.

analytics stats video studio youtube

The above image shows the analytics page of a video from my Youtube channel. You can notice that this video got 335 views at the time of writing this post. I posted this video 35 days before, and the views curve is steadily increasing.

In the orange box, located on the right side of the screenshot above, you can also notice that over 70% of the traffic in the last 48 days is from YouTube search.

tubebuddy tags video youtube

The above screenshot shows the mentioned video stats given by Tubebuddy extension. In the orange box, you can see the keywords I’m using for this video. The numbers in green indicate the good ranking I have on Youtube for each of them.

This introduction was intended to show you the interest of choosing interesting keywords in terms of traffic and competition that will bring you views from the YouTube search. Especially, if your channel is starting up as is the case for me.

In this post, I will show you how to install the TubeBuddy extension and how I use it.

How To Install The TubeBuddy Extension

Well, to install this extension visit the TubeBuddy website. To do this, just click on this link.

Then click on “install free now”, then on add to Chrome. Finally, confirm in the popup.

If you like to see this in action, you can check this video here:

Then on Youtube, when you are logged in with your channel account:

  • Click on the TubeBuddy extension to activate it.
  • Check that you agree to the privacy policy and terms of use.
  • Then click on sign in with Youtube: just sign in with the Gmail account associated with your channel, and choose the channel you want to connect with TubeBuddy.
  • Then check that you give editing rights to TubeBuddy on your channel.
  • Finally, click on the blue button to confirm the granting of the authorization.

Congratulations, you have now added the free version, which you can use, or you can upgrade to the paid offers.

To know the differences between the free offer and the paid ones, visit the TubeBuddy website and click on the pricing menu.

There are 3 paid offers in addition to the free version. Scroll down and expand each of the available tabs to see the content of each offer.

tubebuddy free versus paid version

For me the most important tab is the one relating to “video SEO tools“.

Here you will notice that the free version is quite limited for the Keyword, Search Explorer and Suggested Tags features. you only have 25 searches per day and you only get the first three values.

If you want to upgrade to the paid version, on YouTube click on TubeBuddy extension and then click “Upgrade Now”. For channels that have less than 1000 subscribers check the 50% discount coupon.

How I Use TubeBuddy Extension To Find Interesting Keywords and Topics

While browsing YouTube I have on the right side of my laptop an additional section related to the TubeBuddy extension. It displays a lot of information about the video being viewed. Like the number of comments, the SEO scrore, the number of Facebook likes, and so on. But the most important section is the tags used by the video.

If you click on “Show Search Rank” below the tags area, TubeBuddy Extension will display the ranking of the video linked to those tags. This is valid for yours and for other’s videos. You can copy these tags if you want and use them in your own videos.

What I also do is that I click on the tags that I find interesting to open the window below which informs me about them.

tubebuddy keyword explorer

This window that I am going to explain to you now is also accessible from “Keyword explorer”, which I use directly to check the relevance of a subject.

For example, let’s say I want to make a video about how to use TubeBuddy, I’ll first target the keyword “how to search for keywords in TubeBuddy“.

The tool will give me an overall score for that keyword. Well, in the free version you will only have the unweighted score. Which may sound good to you, but in the paid version you also have a weighted score for your channel, which is for this keyword different from the unweighted one.

According to this tool, the keyword “how to search for keywords in TubeBuddy” does not suit my channel, although in general, it is an interesting keyword with a good unweighted score.

Below the score section, you have three barometers:

  • The first indicates if the keyword is searched on Youtube or not.
  • The second indicates whether there is a strong competition or not, and the third indicates whether the videos already ranked against that keyword are already optimized or not.
  • The more these three barometers are green, the more interesting the keyword becomes.

Below, the 3 barometers you will find the number of existing results for that keyword. At the bottom, there is a comparison between the average views of your latest videos and the lowest number of views for a video in the top ranking.

When I am in this situation, I look at the other tags relating to the same subject available at the bottom right of the popup. When I spot an interesting one I click on it to see its result.

After some iteration, I finally, find this keyword “how to use Tubebuddy to get views on YouTube”, that I used for the video I shared before in this post.

Tag Suggestion Feature

tag keyword tubebuddy

Well, the next feature that I use a lot is suggested tags. This happens when I upload a new video.

Under the Tag field of the edit form, the TubeBuddy tool suggests a list of tags for you, which you can sort by relevance, keyword score, or search traffic. For me, I sort the tags by keyword score.

Be careful, the more the tag is green and has a higher score, the better. I saw in a video on another Youtube channel, where it was advisable to choose those in red.

By the way, I noticed that when I upload my video the first time, I have better tag suggestions when I re-edit my video after saving and posting it. Something I haven’t figured out yet. If anyone knows the answer, please share it with us in the comments.

The Thumbnail Feature

The next feature that I use sometimes, is the one that allows me to create quickly a thumbnail for my videos. You can choose background, text, add images and emoji. You can also see what it looks like among other’s videos.

SEO Studio, Video Topic Planner And Milestones Features

The next tool you can use is “SEO studio”, it gives you step-by-step guidelines to improve the SEO score of your video.

I also use the “video topic planner” which helps me when I’m on YouTube, and I find an interesting topic, and keywords to save them in this tool.

Finally, the last gadget is the milestones feature, it allows me to stay the course and not to let go, with the small steps and the exploits obtained little by little.

Well, this is how I use this tool, it doesn’t always work 100%, but it allows me to apply a method.

Another note, I also sometimes make videos on topics even when their scores are not good, if I find the topic interesting for my subscribers. They will find them directly when they search my channel’s videos list, or through the suggested videos at the end of my top rated videos.

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