How To Make Money On Fiverr Without Any Skills

earn money fiverr without any skills

In this post, I will describe a strategy for you to make money on Fiverr without any skills.

You want to offer your own services on Fiverr to earn money. But you don’t have any skills. Don’t worry, In this post, I show you some tricks that will really help you achieve your goal.

The Strategy OF Making Money On Fiverr Without Any Skills Described In This Post

Before showing you concrete examples, let me explain the general principle.

Well, it’s very simple. The idea is to buy a monthly or annual subscription to a paid tool offering a very popular and requested services. Then, you will offer your own services on Fiverr related to this tool.

This is how you can make money on Fiverr without any skills.

First Example: Gigs Related To SEO Audits And Keyword Research

ahref sumresh reports fiverr gigs

The first example concerns the SEO audit niche, by doing a search with this keyword “Ahref and SEMrush report” in the Fiverr website. You will find several results. And if we look closely at the first one.

You will notice that that gig offers SEO audit reports from Ahrefs and SEMrush tools. Those reports are related to the referring domains, backlinks, competitors keywords, and so on.

The gig contains 3 different offers, from 5 to 15$. The price change depending on the number of competitors to analyze and whether or not you want keyword research.

The gig has more than four hundred reviews, and it’s still generating sales. Several sales have been made recently.

The buyers of this gig, are also very satisfied with what they got.

Now let’s go to the Ahrefs website, which is a SAAS website, that offers monthly or annual subscriptions to SEO audit tools, keyword research, backlinks research, and so on.

ahref prices

If we go to the prices page, you will notice that the monthly subscription starts at around 100$. Which is not cheap for everyone. Especially if you only need this data on an occasional basis.

That’s why the type of gig we have just seen are in great demand on Fiverr.

With the cheapest offer, you will be able to explore 175 estates per week. If you can get more than 10 sales each month, at an average of 10$ you are already recovering your costs. Then, with any additional sale, you will start making profits.

You can also use the tool for your own projects.

If we go now to the SEMrush website which is a competitor of Ahrefs. It also offers subscriptions to SEO audit tools.

Similarly, the monthly subscription offer starts at the same price.Namely 100$,  and you can generate 3000 reports per day.

By the way, you can check out this video here where I explain it all in detail:

Second Example Related To Expired Domain Names Research

Now let’s discover another niche. This one concerns the search for expired domain names with a good number of natural backlinks and an established authority.

Those expired domains are used to build what is called PBN (Private Blog Network). Which represents a quick solution to generate backlinks to your main website.

If you search on the Fiverr website with the keyword “expired domain search”. You will notice that there are several gigs that are present related to this niche.

expired domain research on Fiverr

If we take a closer look at one of the results. We see that the tool used by the seller is DOMCOP.

The offers price range from 5 to 15$ depending on the number of domains you want to get and their quality.

Several recent sales have been made for this gig,  with the satisfaction of buyers.

Now let’s go to the DOMCOP website, which is a SAAS business. In the sense that it sells subscriptions to a tool allowing the listing of expiring or expired domain names,

price Domcop expired domain

In this case the offer that you must take, if you want to start a similar business is the second one at 106$. Because it is this which gives access to the expired domains requested by the buyers.

You can imagine that for an occasional user he would rather pay 10 or 15$ on Fiverr than buy a monthly subscription at 106$. Hence the interest of this kind of business.

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