How To Generate Facebook Page Likes With AD Campaign

How To Generate Facebook Page Likes With AD Campaign

In this post, I will describe step by step how to generate Facebook page likes with AD campaign.

You just created a Facebook page of your company, or your youtube channel, or whatever, to boost its authority. And you don’t have any followers yet.

How then to have your first subscribers, the first push, a kind of social proof, to start the page.

It is not always a good idea to ask your friends to subscribe to your page, because they may not be interested in your topics. Therefore their interactions with your content will be very weak.

This will be a bad signal on the relevance of your posts to Facebook.

In this post, I show you how to start a Facebook AD campaign to get the first followers of your new Facebook page without costing you a lot. I show you also the results I got.

How To Create Facebook AD To Generate Page Likes

Well, in this post I will create Facebook AD for the Facebook page of my YouTube channel that I just created, to promote it. My goal is to have my first followers.

I will share on this page videos from my Youtube Channel. And I will invite my followers to watch the entire video on my YouTube channel. I will also share on it posts from this blog.

If you like to see this in action, you can check this video here:

Step1: Connect To Your Facebook Business Manager

The first thing to do is to connect to your Facebook business manager. The Url is

I just added a new account to manage only ads related to my YouTube channel and its website.

Step2: Create New Campaign With The Appropriate Type

Then, I create a new campaign, by clicking on the create button.

Next, I check the engagement box as the objective of my campaign, and “page likes” as an engagement type.

Then I click the continue button.

Step3: The Campaign Level Settings

In the campaign level, I just modify the default name then I click on the Next button.

Step4: The Ad Set Level Settings To Generate Facebook page likes with AD campaign

In the AD set level, I change the name of the AD set. Then I choose the page I want to promote.
Then, I set the daily budget to 10$. It’s possible to specify an end date, or simply you, you can also stop your ad whenever you want.

In the audience section, I choose countries which to speak English and having low ad cost. Like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria and so on, then I set English as targeted language.

I’m not going to set specific interests like digital marketing, SEO, and so on since this population will be more difficult to convince to like a page that has just started. I let Facebook’s algorithm find people interested in the topic of my page without being experts.

I just keep the placements at the default value, then I click next button.

Step5: The AD Level Settings

In the AD level, I change the default name.

Then in the AD creative section, I upload the AD picture and I modify the AD copy which is the text that appears above the AD picture.

Finally, I click the publish button.

That’s all the AD campaign to have my first Facebook page likes is now published. The Facebook team will review it. Then Facebook robots will do the work for me.

Step6: Check The Results

I run the campaign for one day. I got almost 200 followers for 10$, or roughly 0.05$ per result.

My ad has reached almost 3000 people.

Do not hesitate to share what you think in the comments. Are these results seems convenient for you or not?

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