How To Design Facebook Cover Using Canva

how to design facebook cover using canva


In this video below, I will show you step by step, how to design a Facebook cover using Canva.

Well, I just create a Facebook page, and I need to create a cover for it.

To do this, I go to the Canva website and I click on create a design here at the top right.

Then I search Facebook, and I select “Facebook cover”. Canva creates a blank design with the required size.

On the left side, you will find many templates that you can use.

You can also filter them by doing a search with keywords related to your Facebook page.

There are many beautiful templates that you can use as-is,

Well, for my new Facebook page, I choose one as a start. Then,I enter here, the name of my website.

Then below I also enter a tagline to explain what this is about.

Then, I change the positions and dimensions of the title and the tagline a little differently.

I also change the color of my title.

Then I click on elements,  in the left menu. And I add some images and icons related to the topics I’m talking about on my channel and website.

I’m trying to slightly customize the cover of my Facebook page.

Please notice, that you can do a search with specific keywords to filter the elements list.

Finally, I put the white color back in the title.

Well, I think I’ll stick with that version for now.

So I download my cover.

Then I go back to Facebook, and I click on “add cover photo” to upload it.

You can drag the photo to choose the suitable position.

Well, I think that the final result looks good, watch the video and tell me in the comments what you think.

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