How To Boost Your Youtube Channel With Google Ads

Boost Your Youtube Channel With Google Ads

In this post, I will explain step by step how to boost your channel with Google Ads.

You have a Youtube channel and you want to boost it, to increase your audience, and to have more views and more subscribers.

In this post, I will describe, step by step, how to create a Google Ad campaign. I also show you the results I obtained.

How To Create Google Ads Campaign To Boost A Video From Your Youtube Channel

video to promote from smartdigiweb channel

Well, the video I’m going to promote with a Google Ad campaign is from my YouTube channel. It’s the one highlighted in the image above.

This video describes a way to make money on Fiverr without any skills.

Step 1: Connect to Google Ads Platform

First of all, you have to connect to the Google ads platform. You can do a search with the keyword ‘google ads’. Or,  simply, you can enter the following URL directly in your web browser:

At the google ads website click on the button to start. Then sign in with your Gmail account.

Step 2: Create Compaign And Choose The Appropriate Type

To start your compaign click on “new compaign” button.

Since we are promoting a YouTube video, we will not be using these suggested options, just click “create a campaign without a goal’s guidance

Then click on video Ad, then simply check ‘custom video campaign‘ and click continue

As you can notice, it’s very simple. Then, in the setting page, you first modify the name of the compaign.

If you like to see this in action, you can check this video here:

Step 3: Define The Bid Strategy Of Your Campaign

Then, you have to set the bid stategy. There are two options ‘maximum CPV‘ and ‘Target CPM‘ :

  • Target CPM: means cost-per-thousand impressions. You have to set the money you will pay for every thousand times your ad is shown.
  • Maximum CPV: means cost per view. With this option, you need to set the maximum money you will pay per view.

The best is to choose ‘Maximum CPV‘ since our goal is to have more views for the video we promote.

Step 4: Define The Budget

In the next section, we will set the budget and dates. For example, for me, I will set 100 Moroccan dirhams. Which equals to almost  10$. Then I enter an end date to run this campaign for 5 days.

By the way, you can also set a daily budget if you want.

Step 5: Choose The Appropriate Network

The next section  is related to network. It defines where your ad will be shown,

For me, since I want that my video will be shown only in Youtube search results and youtube video. I uncheck video partners option.

Step 6: Define The Targeted Countries

In the next step, I select the countries where my ad will be shown.

I choose some countries that speak English and where the cost of advertising is not very expensive. Like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and so on.

Step 7: Select The Targeted Language

Next, I set up the languages. In my case, I select English , which is the language of my YouTube channel.

Step 8: Skip the Inventory and Excluded Type Section

Next, in the inventory type section just keep the recommended  option. Which is standard inventory.

Then, the same just skip the Excluded type and labels section.  We will not exlude anything.

Step 9: Modify The Ad Group Name

Then you can modify if you want the ad group name, in my case I keep it as is.

For your understanding, a campaign can contain many “ad groups”. And each Ad group can contain numerous Ads. You find the same structure in Facebook Ads for example.

Step 10 : Define The People You Want To Reach

Now we will define the people we want to reach.

I will keep the age range between 18 and 44 years old. Because according to my previous advertising campaigns this range corresponds to the age of people that reacts more to my content.

In the audiences section, it is possible to choose topics related to your channel. But, I will not use this section, I will rather filter by keywords.

For keywords, I will use the ones, i’m targeting in the video i want to promote.

tags from tubebuddy use google campaign ad

You can notice that I’m using Tubebuddy. I copy the tags from the section highlighted in the image above then I paste them in the input field of the keyword section.

Also, if I edit the video, I can find more keywords suggested by the Tubebuddy tool.

Another way to find keyword is to use Google keyword planner. It’s a free tool, that you can find in the Tool> Keyword Planner menu in the Google Ads website.

Once you had clicked, on the “Keyword Planner” menu,  next click on discover new keywords. Then enter some keyword related to your video,

Choose the language used in your video, In my case it’s English.  Then just unselect any country, to search worldwide. Then click “gets results”.

This tool gives you a list of keywords related to the ones you entered. You have also, the information about the average monthly search, competition. And also how much advertisers may pay for each of them.

You can copy the keywords you want. Or, also extract CSV file locally in your computer. Then you can copy the keyword you want.

In addition to keywords, you can also filter by topics. By searching topics related to your video.  In my case since I entered keywords, it’s enough for me.

You can also filter by placements, for example, you can enter the names of channels that had videos like yours. Do this in the case you want that your video will be shown when people are watching video from these channels.

Step 12 : Define The Bidding

Now in the bidding section, you have to set the maximum money you want to pay per one view. In my case, I enter 0.2 Moroccan Dirhams which equals 0.02 dollars.

Step 13 : Create The Video Ad

Now we will create our video ad, for that just copy the link of the video you want to promote and paste in the corresponding field.

Then select video discovery ad.

Then, enter the headline, description 1 and description 2.

You can also modify the ad name if you want.

Finally, Click create compaign. Congratulations, you AD campaign is created.

Now Google will check the conformity of your compaign before validating it.

Step 14 : Check The Results

google ads campaign results case study

As a result, I got 24311 impressions, and 603 views. The cost per view was almost 1 cent (0.11Moroccan Dirham). The overall campaign cost was almost 7 $.

Leave me a comments on what you think. Whether it is a good price for you or not.

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