How To Add Your Website To Google Search Console And Use This Tool To Boost Your SEO

Add website to Google Search Console

In this post, I will describe step by step how to add your website to Google Search Console.

The reasons you will need to add your website to Google Search Console are as follows:

  • You have a website or a blog, and you want your posts to be discovered and indexed by Google as soon as possible.
  • You want to have statistics on the number of visits resulting from the Google search, on the keywords leading to these visits, and towards which pages and from which countries.

In this post, you will learn, how to add your blog or website to Google Search Console. How to generate a sitemap of your website, and how to add it to this free tool.

Also, you will have an overview of how to use this free tool to boost your SEO.

Adding The Website To Google Search Console

Well, the website that I am going to add to Google Search Console in this post is

You can access this free tool, by making a search in google with the keyword ‘google search console’ or simply  by using directly this URL

Then just click “start now” and log in using your Gmail account.

add website to google search console

Select the second option,  “URL prefix” and enter the URL of your domain name. Then click  continue. 

Well, if you had already added google analytics in your website, it would suffice to validate that you are the owner of that site.

Otherwise, you will need to use one of these methods to prove that you own the website you entered:

  • You can either download the file “goooglexxxxxxx.html” in the root of your hosting server.
  • You can also copy and paste a Meta tag on your website’s home page in the head section.
  • Or as stated before, you can also add the google analytics meta tag to your website.
method add website google search console

In this post we will use the first method since it’s very simple :

  • Download the file to your computer.
  • Then in Cpanel of your website, click on “File manager” and upload the file you just downloaded before.
  • Once the file has been uploaded, return to the Google search console and click on validate.

Congratulations, you have just added your website to the Google Search Console.

If you like to see this in action, you can check this video here:

Add Sitemaps To Google Search Console

Now that we’ve added our website to the Google Search Console, the first thing to do next is to add our sitemaps.

The sitemap will contain all the links to the posts and pages that you had already created, and also those that you will create in the future.

This will allow Google to discover them and index them quickly.

To do this, the first method in case your website is also built by WordPress is to install Yoast SEO Plugin.

To do this, first, log in to the WordPress admin side. Then, click on the plugins menu. Then click on “add new”, and search for “toast”. Finally, install the Yoast SEO plugin and activate it.

add sitemap google search-console

Once it’s done, go to SEO, then General, and click on the features tab. In the XML Sitemaps section, click the information bubble, and then click “see XML Sitemap”.

This will display the links of the sitemaps of the pages, articles, and categories generated by the Yoast plugin.

Copy the post’s URL sitemap and go back to Google Search Console and paste in this field described in the image below, then click submit. Repeat the same thing for the other sitemaps.

add a sitemap google search console

Well done, now every time you create a new post, it will automatically be added to the posts sitemap, and Google will find it more easily.

In case your website is not made by WordPress, you can generate the sitemap by visiting

Then, click on  XML sitemap generator, and enter your domain name, and the requested parameters. Finally, click on generate a sitemap. 

Once your sitemap is generated, download it locally to your computer and then upload it to the root of your hosting server.

Finally, go back to google search console and enter the link to your sitemap.

However, in this case, you need to regenerate your sitemap manually every time you add new posts.

How To Use This Free Tool To Boost Your SEO

Now let me show what kind of information we can find in google search console.

information google search console

Well, the image above, show statistics for one of my websites

The most interesting data can be found in the performance menu. In this page, you will find the number of impressions and clicks your website got from Google search. You can modify the period if you want to see the evolution over time.

Below the graphs, you can find the most important information in my opinion, which is the keywords that bring traffic to your website. Google Search Console, shows you, the number of clicks and impressions for each keyword.

You can click on one of the keywords in the list to have its own statistics. You can also know the page where this keyword leads. This is great if you want to optimize the content of one of your pages for certain keywords.

You can also explore the countries from where the traffic is coming by clicking on the country tab.

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