Easy Way To Make Video Pins For Pinterest

easy way to make video pins for pinterest


In this post, I will describe an easy way to make video pins for pinterest using canva.com

First I log into your canva account.

Then, I click on create a new design at the top right of the canva homepage.

Then I search for Pinterest and I choose  video pin for Pinterest.

Next, you can choose some available templates. I choose one. I will reuse only the title and the footer part to enter the name of my channel.

Then I, click on the video menu, on the left side, and I choose a video that matches my topic.

You can enter some keywords and do a search to filter videos.

For example, I choose a video with dollars because the topic of the video I want to share on Pinterest is affiliate marketing for small YouTube channels.

Then I change the size of the video to cover my entire pin. then I move the video to the background, I also remove the background image of the template I added at the beginning because I don’t need it.

Then, I copy the title of the video I want to share on Pinterest, and paste it here.

Then, I change the font and size of the title.

Then I insert a basic rectangle and change it’s colour, and I place it behind the title to make it more visible.

Then I enter the name of my channel in the footer of the pin.

Then in the items available on Canva, I look for a YouTube icon, and add it here to indicate that this pin is linked to a YouTube video.

Now if I run the video I can see the result.

Well I think it looks okay.

Finally  I dowload the video, in order to upload it in Pinterest.

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