How To Get 4000 Hours Watch Time On YouTube Using Google Ads

In this post, I describe how to get 4000 hours watch time using Google Ads.

Do you have a new YouTube channel? And you can’t reach 4000 hours watch time required by Youtube to activate Monetization. Indeed it’s very difficult!

You then ask yourself the question: will you get 4000 hours watch time using Google Ads?

Well, in this post, I will give you the answer.

Example Of A Google Ad Campaign I Ran To Promote My Channel

video to promote from smartdigiweb channel

Well, in a previous post I ran a Google Ad Campaign to promote the video highlighted in the image above.

As a result, I got 24311 impressions, and 603 views. The cost per view was almost 1 cent (0.11Moroccan Dirham). The overall campaign cost was almost 7 $

Then I asked my self the question: will the views coming from Google Ads count within the 4000 hours of watch time required by YouTube to enable monetization.

google ads campaign results case study

You may prefer to watch the video below which addresses this topic:

Do The Views From My Google Ad Campaign Count Within The 4000 Hours Watch Time?

Well, the answer is no and yes. Let me explain!

No, because, at the end of the pub campaign, in the analytics page of my Youtube channel. The overall watch time is greater than hours in the monetization page.

So the answer seems simple, the hours are not counted. But wait, it’s not that obvious.

Let’s look closer at the diagram below to understand.

are views counted 4000 watch time monetization youtube

The views that come directly from the Google  Ad campaign, they in fact are not counted. On the other hand, when a visitor, stays on your channel to watch one of your other videos, in this case, these views are indeed counted.

So the question now is: How to keep your visitors in your channel and redirect them to your others videos?

How To Keep Your Visitors In Your Channel  And Redirect Them To Your Other Videos

Well, there are three ways to do it :

  • The first possibility is to create a playlist of several videos which are a kind of episodes of a series and promote the first video.
  • The second solution is to add in the promoted video lots of info cards to interesting videos from your channel.
  • The third solution is to add end screens in your promoted video.

Obviously, in any cases, if your content is interesting you will have subscribers to your channel. And therefore, this will intrinsically increase your watch time when they watch your other videos.

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